The Culture Reboot

A 1/2 day executive briefing with Dr. R.A. “Art” McNeil

11 Steps to Bridging the Gap Between Corporate History and a Vision of the Preferred Future

  1. Build on your corporate history rather than be contained by it
  2. Develop a contagious brand-promise (aka Corporate North Star)
  3. Focus a three-year vision of a preferred future
  4. Make leadership everybody’s business and generate sustainable corporate energy
  5. Transform fundamental personal beliefs and create team oriented cultural values
  6. Declare non-negotiable behavioral boundaries for each cultural value
  7. Align people to consistently deliver on the contagious brand promise
  8. Teach everybody to use the FIST-BUMP RITUAL© Art McNeil 2020 to generate sustainable corporate energy
  9. Teach everybody with direct reports to hold people accountable using the COMPLIANCE PIT-STOP© Art McNeil 2020
  10. Strengthen process-discipline and reduce reliance on the use of personal authority
  11. Build an employee-centered continuous improvement process to reduce waste and rework


Model Used In The Culture Reboot 1/2 Day Executive Session